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Do you want to enhance the appeal and beauty of your exteriors? If yes, you have landed at the right place. At Malwa Construction Inc., we know that your home represents a reflection of who you are. This is the reason why we strive to provide you with best-in-class paving services right from driveways to patios and sidewalks.

Being your local construction company, our contractors hold hands-on experience in bringing your dream project to reality. Our services include:


Driveways are common home elements that play a good role in improving the overall looks of a property. They undergo excess of wear and tear due to the vehicular movement. Our contractors know what should be the minimum length and thickness of the paving stone to prevent an early degradation.

Whether you want to install a new driveway or planning to replace the existing one, we provide the right manufacturer’s warranty.


Patios are outdoor sitting areas that don’t undergo a heavy vehicular movement. When it comes to constructing durable patios, you can consider using concrete, asphalt, flag stones, blue stones, natural stones or tile slabs. Nowadays, large stone slabs are more preferred over the flag stones.

At Malwa Construction, our patio contractors hold years of expertise in installing high quality patios that make your outdoor space look amazing.


Sidewalks are the walking paths that are usually constructed using concrete or tiles. Since they are located on the outdoors, we construct them with a strong base so that they can bear reckless use and any wear and tear. By choosing to install concrete sidewalks, one can maintain a straight and rigid edged path.

At Malwa Construction Inc., we provide best-in-class concrete and asphalt sidewalk installation services. We are equipped with modern tools and equipment to deliver all sidewalk construction projects on time.

Side Doorsteps

Whether traditional or contemporary, no other element can make a stronger statement for your home’s curb appeal other than a side doorstep or stairway. At Malwa Construction Inc., we have a team of skilled contractors having years of expertise in doorstep construction and installation service. We can design and install any style of stairs that dominates the looks of your property.

Our professionals can incorporate all your doorstep design needs and specifications into accurate drawings that are followed strictly during the construction process.

Side Entrance

Our contractors at Malwa Construction Inc. have proudly completed hundreds of side entrance projects for clients and help them in choosing their color options and styles. Our services are formulated to meeting your budget and aesthetic replacement and installation requirements for side entrance doors.

Our attention to detail and commitment to providing an extraordinary installation service has helped us earn an industry reputation and made us stood apart from the competition. We assist clients by providing competitive pricing, expert advice and a flawless process.

Colored Concrete

Stained and colored concrete has always been a popular option when designing and installing a new patio, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, pool deck, and more. Colored concrete allows you to customize the look and feel that fits your personality and the area surrounding it.

Malwa Construction Inc. has helped homeowners with quality colored and stained concrete services that’s designed to last in the ever-changing climate. Allow our team of professionals to provide you with their expertise in choosing the best kind of stamped concrete or colored concrete for your home.

Basement Renovation

If your basement is looking ugly and dark, getting it renovated is one of the best options you can go with. Malwa Construction Inc. is a locally owned and operated basement remodeling company serving homeowners with an array of basement design and renovation services.

No matter, how large your underground space is, our team knows how to handle your project without compromising with the quality of work. Our team leaves no stone unturned to bring your dream vision to life.

Pot Light Installation

Pot lighting or recessed lighting is highly desirable in homes today. It adds a look of elegance and can be used to highlight the special features of your home. Pot light fixtures are affixed within backdrops, ceilings or crown molding and provide light without directly being seen.

At Malwa Construction Inc., our team specializes in pot light installation. Unlike standard light bulbs, we conceal pot lights within the wall or ceiling, thereby creating a pleasant lighting effect that is subtle and elegant.

Window Cutting

Here at Malwa Construction, we offer a bespoke window cutting service to our customers at competitive prices. This is where the Malwa group comes in as it produces a cut-to-size piece of glazing that can suit one of an array of diverse needs. As the leading and popular window cutting specialist, you can rely on us to craft something that is both stunning and robust.

This promises a superb product lifespan. We can manufacture a piece of glass for just about any purpose. The glass can be decorated to enhance visual appeal, ranging from a change in colors to privacy glass and even mirrored glazing.

Window Enlargement

On the off chance that you are searching for windows enlargement services, Malwa Construction has got the ideal answers for you as we ace these activities by reliably taking a shot at the comparative ventures for quite a long time.

We will definitely uncover and take your current window. From that point onward, our experts would accomplish the sorcery work and introduce the new slider lift out. We, at that point, fill the leftover hole with the fillings and would stir the path up to give it a completed look. We are very acceptable at what we do, extend your home windows by us and experience the nature of our administrations.

Door Cutting

New carpets frequently require the lower part of the ways to be managed and include eliminating the entryways. This can harm the door jambs and be time exorbitant. We have the master equipment and tools to have the option to manage the doors set up without the need to eliminate them.

This guarantees that your doors can excel over new floor covering without scouring. Approach Malwa Construction for more data in the event that you might want top-class door cutting services. Utilizing the most recent instruments our entryway trimmer can rapidly and with little wreck shave down your interior and outer tight entryways.

Wall Cutting

New carpets frequently require the lower part of the ways to be managed and Utilizing best in class equipment, our wall cutting work is done with insignificant interruption and wreck, and with reliably faultless outcomes. Regardless of whether another window, flight of stairs or entryway is being fitted in your property, Malwa Construction group can do your eliminating position for you in a protected and effective way, with regards to our standing for incredible wellbeing and security practice.

To design your wall cutting venture today, contact the benevolent group of experts at Malwa Construction and let us put your arrangement moving, beginning with one of our assessors visiting your site to make a statement for you.

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